The Serpent of Paradise by Miguel Serrano

The Serpent of Paradise by Miguel Serrano


The Serpent of Paradise, The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage by Miguel Serrano. 


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This is a DIY audio recording of Miguel Serrano's tale of his adventures throughout India. Seeking the "masters of his Master" in a secret Siddha-Ashram hidden in the Himalayas, Serrano experienced a truly mystical India. He transports the listener there with vivid and poetic imagery infused with esoteric wisdom.

This memoir describes both a physical and metaphysical journey. Filled with gems of insight into the Indian landscape, people, and culture, Serrano's book also reveals his profound knowledge of Yoga, Tantra, and Vedic philosophy.


Your purchase of this audiobook is much appreciated as it helps fund a similar pilgrimage for the narrator and was in fact recorded while I was studying yoga in India. Please excuse the occasional unavoidable background noises. While I have tried to minimize these, I hope that any remaining sounds add the the ambience and realism of this project!


Thank you!



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